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Philip Jacobson...... Actor, Acting coach, Acting instructor, Director, Emcee, Film Actor, Philadelphia Improv Comedy, Improv instructor, Model, Print Model, Promotional Model, Singer (Bass-Baritone), Sketch Comedy , Stage Actor, Storyteller, Voice-Over ....... (215) 206-7462,,

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Here are my reels and comp card. Click on each to see me perform, hear my voice or see my modeling pictures.

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Philip in a spoof of 1950's sex education movies - intentionally filmed in an amateurish way

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Click here for 97 second Belial teaser - I enter after 50 seconds - this is a large file so be patient!!

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Click here to see my video introduction filmed by Joe Chielli, Church Street Studios

Click here to see my video introduction filmed by DDA / ZeroOne

Click here to see a picture of me used by Scientific American for an article on the web about sleep. The picture had previously been on the cover page of the web site, and is now in the archived article.

Click here for a video of me in a corporate scavenger hunt - wacky accent! Darkened picture

Click here for a picture of me asleep on a Canadian Health Web page

Click here for a trailer: I'm in the black suit - there may be an advertisement first before

I am the first actor to say "Go on a cruise!!!"

This is my wacky voice, in a corporate scavenger hunt video: