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Philip Jacobson

Acting Coach

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Interested in receiving coaching for your acting career?

* Find and perfect professional monologues

* Get better at cold reads

* Practice with a teleprompter

* Learn how to build characters with nuances

* Build improvisation skills that will improve your acting ability

* Learn how to audition

* Get rid of your accent

* Become able to see yourself on camera when you are in front of it

* Prepare for specific auditions as they arise

* Learn how to deal with casting directors and what to expect

* Identify and eliminate personal impediments to achieving your goals

* Identify what is unique about you as an actor

* Improve your ability to engage in dialogue with another character



Coaching sessions are one-on-one.

* I help identify appropriate monologues and make them performance-ready for casting directors.

* I provide monologues and cold reads that will stretch your acting range and improve your characterizations.

* I will help you prepare for a specific audition that you have coming up.

* I use Improv games and other techniques to improve your chances at upcoming auditions.

* I work on cold reads, so you can be prepared and flexible

* I am very honest and open with my feedback, both good and constructive.

* My sessions often turn into life coaching sessions too. Acting calls on much from your own experience. Sometimes my coaching resolves issues in my student's lives. Sometimes their performance improves because I help them get in touch with something that has been holding them back. I can help expand your abilities.

* I use video so you can see yourself while I give you feedback

* I can give you teleprompter training

* I will help you to speak clearly


How Do You Start?

- We can arrange session times whenever you and I are both available.

- Most students arrange to meet weekly at the same time and day.

- The sessions last one hour and cost $25 weekdays ($40/hour for weekends or weeknights). 


My Background in Coaching, Acting and Improv

I have extensive adult training experience in the corporate world. My training often focused on interpersonal and behavioral skills.

I have taught Improv since 2004. I teach Improv classes throughout the year.

I have performed professionally, both live and in film for a number of years.

I have been trained by some very skilled actors and directors.


"I realized then just how much I have learned from you and I thank you. I can't wait to learn more."  ---- Cheryl Stark, actress


"Philip Jacobson's individual coaching with me has been invaluable.  It has made me consider new, important aspects of the audition process.  Because of coaching I have been carefully observing the subtle nuances of the work of professionals.  Phil  has helped me to discover new ways to approach an audition and monologues. I now consider various choices in each situation. My past training had me working from the inside out.  Coaching is helping me to work from the outside in, which is far more balanced. We work on problems that are specific concerns of mine. I am already more comfortable when I audition.  I hope to continue with Phil's coaching because I feel it will help me attain my goals as an actress."  ---Joan Racik, Actress


"As an aspiring adult actor with no experience, I found that private acting classes with Mr. Phillip Jacobson have been extremely helpful. The one-on-one hands-on personal attention, as well as the guidance and critical analysis from the perspective of an experienced professional actor have allowed me to view myself and the craft of acting in entirely new and exciting way. Mr. Jacobson's emphasizes the importance of becoming the character and communicating that character's thoughts and feelings through the lines. The techniques for cold reads and all the exercises to help with diction and improvisation are all very effective. I would highly recommend Mr. Jacobson's private classes to anyone especially beginning actors." ---Enrique Rosario, radio personality and actor


"Philip is coaching me as an actress. He's awesome: Empathetic and encouraging. Available and honest. Reasonably priced. What more could one ask?" "With two weeks of his coaching, I've learned more than I did in two series of classes from one of the most highly-reputed acting teachers in Philadelphia. Philip was brilliant in choosing a monologue that suited me, and quickly bringing me up to performance level in two coaching sessions."   ---Carol Fritz, Actress


Re: Coaching

"You are great at tailoring the coaching to your students needs. You found a great monologue for me to use on my way to reaching my personal goal. You set your rules down on the first day so there was no questions on what to and not to do. Over all you were patient and very helpful. Great working with you." --Jess Carpenter, Stand-up comedian


I had a wonderful time, both personally and professionally with you on Saturday.  As I said, I had high expectations about your coaching, but you exceeded them . . . I found you very insightful about the monologues and also about human nature (isn't acting inextricably linked to that).  I like how you are able to point out both the good things that I did, and what I need to work on, and keep it light and funny (like about my talking speed!).  It's great that you have so much film experience, and can guide me with bringing down (controlling?) my facial expressions...I like how you took notes on your laptop so you have a record of impressions and what we talked about . . . and I also liked all the questions that you asked me about the person in the monologue, to flesh out the backstory. ---Natasha Kelly, Actress


With your skill and your rates, the Jacobson Studio should have a waiting list of students. I can't say enough good things about how much I've improved both as an actress and a person since we've been working together. As an actress, the instrument I have is me. Exploring the possibilities of how to improve on a weekly basis has taken me places I never dreamed I'd go. ---Carol Fritz, Actress


This is what you get at other programs: You attend classes at name schools with the hope that you will learn something and be discovered. The class costs $200, $300, or $400. There are 9 other students in the class, or 12 or 20. The class runs once a week for 6 weeks, or 4 weeks, or maybe one long day. Perhaps you can't attend every session. You hear a lecture, and then get to show your skills in front of the instructor. Then you wait as the others in the class get their turn. And you wait and wait. When it is done, you get some good and helpful feedback, or it's all positive feedback, or you don't really get honest feedback at all. You also don't get discovered. But you are put on a mailing list and receive regular requests to sign up for other training programs.


 If you are frustrated by standard types of training programs, this is how I differ:


* one-to-one coaching - you get my full attention for the entire time

* honest feedback - I will tell you what is working, and how to change what isn't working

* session flexibility - sessions are scheduled when we both have availability (but do not cancel less than 24 hours ahead)

* Life coaching - we may discuss issues in your life that are holding you back from becoming the actor you can be

* Low cost - As low as $25 for a full hour of one-on-one training

* Guaranteed improvement - I don't guarantee jobs, that is up to you, but I guarantee your improvement

* Specific issues - get help preparing for an audition or for a role, or to improve a monologue or cold reading


(215) 206-7462