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Philip Jacobson's Personal Bio

* Born July 9

* Married once, and still married

* Two daughters (Performed on stage in Hansel and Gretel with my children - As the Sandman, sang a duet with my younger daughter, to a sleeping Hansel and Gretel - my older daughter played Hansel)

* Mother still living

* One brother, one sister

* Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

* Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Math minor

Near Tragedies

* Saved a very young girl's life from drowning at Abington, PA YMCA pool @ 1986

* While in a car stopped at a red light, was hit by a truck traveling about 35 miles per hour. The driver of the truck rammed into the back of my car. As I lay relatively motionless in the front seat, I called the dentist on my cell phone to say I wasn't going to make my appointment. Then I was carted away on a gurney to an ambulance and taken to the hospital

* Saved a woman’s life with the Heimlich maneuver. I understand it's not called the Heimlich Maneuver anymore - after I saved the woman's life, she finished the story she had been telling before she nearly choked to death

* While stopped at a stop sign, was hit head on by a car traveling at least 25 miles per hour. The impact of the head-on car crash broke my finger

* Saved the life of a woman and a child by screaming at the driver of a car to stop from backing up over them. The driver was backing up without looking behind. The child was in a toy vehicle and she and the woman were unable to move out of the way as the car backed up toward them. I yelled three times at the driver to stop, the third time while running right up to the driver. Finally the driver stopped a couple of feet from the two as they looked on in horror.

US Army experience

* Vietnam veteran - 341 days in 'Nam

* A grunt (infantryman) in the First Air Cavalry in the III corps section of Vietnam, west of Saigon (C-2-8, or Charley, Second of the Eighth Cav, First Air Cavalry)

* Point man for the squad, the platoon and the company for several months (the point man has a hazardous job, since he leads the company through the jungle and is most likely to get killed in an ambush)

* Awarded a Bronze star, and a number of other medals

* Shot down while riding in a helicopter in Vietnam: on a clear March day, the helicopter in which I was riding was hit by enemy rifle fire. A bullet whizzed by my ear. The piece that controls the rear rotor was hit by a bullet, but the rear rotor kept working (luckily) until the helicopter landed safely. There was a bullet hole right above my head.

* Saw the gunner in my squad get shot by sniper fire, a few feet in front of me, during a firefight in the jungle. As he stood above me, his hand catching the blood as it pulsed from his body, he looked directly at me and tried to speak to me, moments before he dropped to the ground and died. Four of us pulled his body out and back to our camp, while the sniper lurked nearby, still firing sporadically.

* Survived 24 actions where a minor change in timing, position or tactic would easily have led to my death

* Survived 73 total actions in Vietnam


* Quarter finalist in the Philadelphia Golden Gloves boxing tournament. Lost a close bout to a boxer in the quarterfinals of the Philadelphia Golden Gloves, and he then lost a split decision in the finals

* Learned boxing at the age of 12, and became a boxing instructor at the same gym later that same year.

* Held the record for sit-ups at Browne Junior High School, Malden MA (650 – that’s how many sit-ups, not the year I did it)

* Wrestled in the 97 lbs weight class in high school. Had to eat to get up to the 97 lbs weight class

* Wrestled in college at 123 lbs. (had to eat a lot to get up to that weight) and had an 8 match winning streak.

* As an adult, taught soft contact boxing for 7 years to students from 7 year olds up to adult. Formed a soft contact league where bouts were scored on technique and self-control rather than on punching power or punches landed. One former student was a finalist in a national college boxing championship.

* Ruptured my Achilles tendon while playing tag with my children. My Achilles tendon long ago healed. Running the mile faster now than before it happened

Past Business and Community Activities

* Vice President of a billion dollar bank and managed Marketing, the Branch System, Consumer Lending, the telemarketing operation, and Savings Administration. Well over 100 people reported to me.

* Received two national awards for direct marketing campaigns I managed and contributed to, one in the United States, one in Canada.

* Formerly Partner and Senior Consultant in a small but sophisticated management consulting firm specializing in market research, strategic planning and direct marketing consultation, primarily to some of the largest financial services companies in the world

* Created several telemarketing operations from the ground up

* Named Big Brother of the Year by the Philadelphia Big Brothers / Big Sisters Association for the Northeast Philadelphia area Big Brothers Association. Later that year, presented a prestigious city-wide award. Many years later, still close friends with my little brother.

* Chaired the Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Committee for a Township for 6 years. During this six-year term as Chairman of the Committee, illegal drug and alcohol use decreased in the township and was lower than surrounding townships.