Philip Jacobson



Philip Jacobson...... Actor, Acting coach, Filmmaker, 
Improv instructor, 
Improv Performer, Voice-Over  
(215) 206-7462, ActorPhilipJ@gmail

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                      Philip Jacobson

Height: 5' 8"             Eyes:   Green

Weight: 165 lbs.          Hair:   Brown

Shoe:   10W               Suit:   42R            215-206-7462  

Shirt:  35 sleeve         Pants:  35 waist       non-union

        16 1/2 neck               29 Inseam 


                          FILM AND TV


FILM – Lead Roles (Speaking Roles)

Belial                    Sherman                Potent Pictures

Breathing Ash             President of US        Caliban Productions

Breathing Room            Mr. Volpino            DiGiovanni

Captive                   Charles Wynn           2020 Productions

Catch 22                  Major Major            Marta Rusek Production

Class of One              Curtis                 The Last Minute

Confucious Says           John Beanutz           HattenFilms

Current of the Creek      Pedophile              JWF Productions

Fast Food                 Jack                   Mosby Productions

Hegemonster               Detective Morris       Natasha Eng Production

Junior High Assembly      Billy's Dad            Uncut Productions

Lemonade                  Adam Feinman           Pascucci Productions

Milk and Midlife Crisis   Drunken Singer         Uncut Productions

No Ups                    Mime                   DDG Productions

On Air                    John                   Mosby Productions

Push                      Tony                   AraderBoy Films

Rave On                   Stendell               Jay Ingram

  (second role)           Didgelly               Jay Ingram

Sea of Something More     Mr. Hays               Gregory Kasunich

St. Francis High          Mr. Schichtman         Doug Films

The Compass               William Dunn           Vertigo Entertainment

  (second role)           Priest                 Vertigo Entertainment

The Pink List             Jacques Seele          KinoFunk Films

The Runner                Randall                Hamptons Video

Tippy Toes                Ringleader             Bill Benz Productions


FILM – Featured Roles - Background


Blue Cross of AR          Library Patron         iBOXfilms

Book of Caleb             Bar Patron             Guns & Butter

Invincible                Man in Denim           Who's Nuts Productions

  (second role)           Papale's Neighbor      Who's Nuts Productions

Kank                      Traveler               Dharma Productions

Shooter                   Officer Francoif       Who’s Nuts Productions

Supastar (music video)    Politician             Dreality

The Teeth                 John Derelick          Severine Pictures



Dating on Demand          Improv Instructor      CN8 / Center City Film

Hansel and Gretel         Father/Sandman         Spotlight Players

Murder in Willsvill       Mike Bowen             Cinema East and West

Once Upon a Nation        Storyteller            ABC News - WPVI     

Outbreak                  Charles Chamberlain    Lion Television

Secret Lives of Women     Married Man            Kaos Entertainment

Spirit of Independence    Traveler               WITF /PBS – Explore PA

Visions                   Storyteller            ABC News - WPVI


TELEVISION - Commercials

American Mint infomercial Father                 Final Focus

Fitness for Mankind       Fitness Enthusiast     Belknap Films

Harvey Birdman            Andrew Katz            Fulton Productions

Test Drive (Wachovia Ctr) Business Executive     POC Media

Your Choice               Satisfied Customer     Gloucester County FSB


TELEVISION - Interviews, Moderating Panels (Leads)

Incident at Cedarbrook    Interviewer            DAMH

Kids and Drugs            Moderator              DAMH

New Drug Policy           Moderator              DAMH

School Drug Survey        Interviewer            DAMH

The Drug Situation Today  Moderator              DAMH



Breathing Ash             President of the USA   Caliban Productions

Dis Pop                   Newscaster             mad hat labs

Hegemonster               Detective Morris       Natasha Eng Production

Lemonade                  Alan Feinman           Pascucci

Sweet Home New Jersey     Chief Eagle Feather    Segal Assemblies

Sweet Home New Jersey     Newscaster             Segal Assemblies

Push                      Tony                   AraderBoy Films 

St. Francis High          Principal Schichtman   Doug Films

The Compass               Priest                 Louis Desanto

The Pink List             Jacques Seele          KinoFunk Films



Frank Lloyd Wright        Man in Audience (Feat.)Documentary

Philadelphia              Storyteller (Lead)     Greater Phla. Tourism

Sexual Harassment         HR Manager Jones (Prin)Marcom, Inc.

St. David's Center        Businessperson (Feat.) Mike Lemon Casting


                          LIVE PERFORMANCES



Accenture                 Improv Instructor      The GiggleMill

Accenture                 Tony Tuesday           The Go Game

Ant and Grasshopper       Starbucks Man          Ant & the Grasshopper

BMI V Minicom, Inc        Christopher Kay        Hamilton - Dechert

Cadbury                   Tony Tuesday           The Go Game

China Strategy            Peter Wilkins          Leading Initiatives

CMS Companies             Tony Tuesday           The Go Game

Comed Wine Game           Cameraman              Philly Hops

Dickens Village           Santa Claus            Macy’s East

Drinker Biddle Game       Boris the Spy          Mindbender Productions

Escape                    Willie Sutton          Eastern State Pen.

Franklin Institute        Expert                 Philly Hops

GIS Commerce              Tony Tuesday           The Go Game

GSK                       Tony Tuesday           The Go Game

IKEA Chocolate Game       Trainer - Debriefer    Philly Hops

IKEA Cooking Game         Trainer                Philly Hops

Merck                     Tony Tuesday           The Go Game

Nationwide Insurance      Tony Tuesday           The Go Game

Navteq Go Game            Tony Tuesday           MindBenders

Novartis                  MBA Man                The Go Game

PBR Case Study            Ira Sallen (COO)       Leading Initiatives

Pennington Team Building  Trainer                Philly Hops

Pep Boys                  Tony Tuesday           The Go Game

Pepper Lawyers            Christopher Kay        Pepper Hamilton LLP

PMA Insurance             Trainer                Philly Hops

Price Waterhouse          Tony Tuesday           Mindbenders

Price Waterhouse          Boris the Spy          The Go Game

Sherack Case Study        Thomas Hesse (HR MGR)  Leading Initiatives

Siemens                   Tony Tuesday           Mindbender

Starbucks                 Christmas Caroler      Busy Bee Promotions

Valley Forge Park         Storyteller            Historic Philadelphia


IMPROV (short form)

Are You Joshing?          Performer              The GiggleMill

Improv Can Be Deadly      Ellery Scream          The GiggleMill

GiggleMill Improv         Borat                  Quake. Autumn Alive!

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Arcadia University

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Barbacane Murder

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              DLP Fund Raiser

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Emery School Kids

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Laura rehearsal dinner

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              MCCC Family Night

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Melange Theatre Live!

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Middle School groups

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Muscular Dystrophy

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Neumann College

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Old Academy

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Philly Improv Festival

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Playcrafters

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Quakertown Alive!

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Rachael's Comedy Club

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Reunions

GiggleMill Improv         Performer one-on-many  Ryder Birthday Bash

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              TV Guide

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Vickers Tavern

GiggleMill Improv         Performer              Wind Energy Team Build

Murder on New Hope RR     Detective Phil         The GiggleMill / Act 1



Damn Yankees              Sketch Comedy; writer  Beth Sholom Players

Harry’s Diner             Hippie Vegetarian      Public Eye

In The Year 2006          Prognosticator         John Morrison Prod.

Mouth of the River        Captain Bill           Public Eye

Stand-up comedy           Comic                  Melange Theatre Live!

The Grillmaster           Grillmaster            Public Eye

The Happy Carrot          Hunter                 Public Eye

The Human Circus          Terrible Ted the Bear  Public Eye

Variety Show              Sketch Comedian        Playtime Players



Altos                     Uncle Senior           Bistro Romano

Always a Bridesmaid       Roberto The Maitre D'  Act One Production

Blood of the Vine         Henre                  Act One Production

Bubba Gets Hitched        Cooter                 Murder Mystery Players

Bubba's Killer Grits      Sheriff Barry White    Murder Mystery Players

Camp Fear                 Zachariah Dotterrer    Variety Club, Phila.

Carpenter House Caper     Derek Mallory          Murder Mystery Players

Clue: A Murdered Mystery  Colonel Mustard        Bistro Romano

Date With Death           Charles Goode          Murder Mystery Players

Dead Men Don't Speakeasy  Early Demise           Without a Cue

Deadly Beloved            Izzy Gahner            Without a Cue

Deadly Brief Case         Borgo Prowlski         Bistro Romano

Deadly Brief Case         Ellery Chan/James Lee  Bistro Romano

Death Is Delicious        Tex Lexington          Murder Mystery Players

Death Plays the Market    Elliott Esterhazy      Murder Mystery Players

Double Jeopardy           Hal Lightbelt          Bistro Romano

Double Jeopardy           Rex Wright / Nigel     Bistro Romano

Escape from Prison        Willie Sutton          Eastern State Pen.

He Said, She Said         Dick Mumsford          Murder Mystery Players

Homicide on the Range     Tex                    Without a Cue

Looking For the Bus       Borgo, Tex, Jacque     Quakertown Alive!

Marriage Can Be Murder    Father of the Bride    Bistro Romano

Murder at the Prom        Mr. Smiley             Spaghetti Warehouse

Murder Hits a High Note   Bo Tipple              Murder Mystery Players

Murder I Do               Reverend Richards      Murder Mystery Players

Revel's Street Fair       Jester                 Philadelphia Revels

Revel's Street Fair       Country Bumpkin        Philadelphia Revels

Silver Mine Murder        Romeo                  Act One Production

The Goober Train Robbery  Jonah                  Act One Production

The Mission Task Force    Neo                    Murder Mystery Players

When You Kill Upon a Star Marcus Dubois          Murder Mystery Players

Woolly Sedge              Scarlett Pimpernel     Act One Production



A Lesson Learned          Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

A Peck of Oysters         Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

America’s Game Show       Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

Battle of the Itch        Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

Ben’s Excellent Adventure Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

Birthday Bash             Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

Camp Fear                 Storyteller            Variety Club, Phila.

Franklin’s Favorite Foods Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

From Mount Vernon...      Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

George Washington’s Hero  Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

Master Spy                Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

Pepper Pot, Smokin' Hot   Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

Princeton Day School      Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

Sally Wister              Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

Skyler Skunk Needs Help   Storyteller            Public Eye

Tale of Two Georges       Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

The Missing Packet        Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

Toto...                   Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

Washington Birthday Bash  Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

Washington’s Hero         Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

Willie Sutton             1st person Interpreter  Act 1 Productions

You Are What You Drink    Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation

You Are What You Eat      Storyteller            Once Upon a Nation



A Christmas Carol         Scrooge                Water Tower

Arms and the Man          Nicola                 Old Academy Players

Barefoot in the Park      Victor Velasco         Playcrafters

Between the Lines         Robert                 Village Players

Breathing Ash             President of the US    Caliban Productions

  (second role)           Webster Cochrane       Walnut Street Theater

Cry of the Conductor      James Galley           Act One Productions

Dis Pop (Fringe Festival) Kadmos                 mad hat labs

Fur-Free Fashion Show     Evil Hunter            Public Eye

Lady Windermere's Fan     Mr. Hopper             Stagecrafters

Night Watch               Sam Hoke               Old Academy Players

On the Razzle             Hupfer; flutist;       The Drama Group

  (4 roles)               German; Italian Waiter

Ozona, a town meeting     Mayor Hup Marshall     PDC

Shadowlands               90 yr old; priest;     Stagecrafters

  (5 roles)               Registrar; PhD;

                          Greek bellhop

The Fool King             The Dragon             Philadelphia Revels

The Hardy Boys            Mr. Hardy              Village Players



A Celtic Christmas        The Presenter          Philadelphia Revels

A Christmas Minute        Pastor Farrell/Joseph  Act One Productions

Alice in Wonderland       Mad Hatter             Spotlight Players

  (second role)           Tweedledum

Bye Bye Birdie            Hugo Peabody           Vineland Little Theater

Bye Bye Birdie            Mayor                  Beth Sholom Players

Damn Yankees              Van Buren              Beth Sholom Players

Fiddler on the Roof       Constable              Beth Sholom Players

Guys and Dolls            Benny Southstreet      Water Tower

Gypsy                     Herbie                 Beth Sholom Players

Hansel and Gretel         Father                 Spotlight Players

  (second role)           Sandman

Oliver                    Mr. Sowerberry         Beth Sholom Players

Once on This Island       Armand                 Beth Sholom Players

Once Upon a Mattress      Merlin the Wizard      Dickinson College

Pirates of Penzance       Sergeant               Beth Sholom Players

Peter Pan                 Captain Hook           Spotlight Players

Solid Gold Cadillac       Mr. Blessington        Vineland Little Theater

The Wizard of Oz          The Scarecrow          Spotlight Players




Alice in Wonderland       Soloist (Mad Hatter)   Spotlight Players

Altos                     Soloist (Elvis)        Bistro Romano

Damn Yankees              Soloist (Van Buren)    Beth Sholom Players

Double Jeopardy           Soloist(Hal Lightbelt) Bistro Romano

Hansel and Gretel         Soloist (Father)       Spotlight Players

Oliver                    Soloist (Sowerberry)   Beth Sholom Players

Mouth of the River        Soloist (Captain Bill) Public Eye

Peter Pan                 Soloist (Captain Hook) Spotlight Players

Pippin                    Soloist                Magic To Do

Pirates of Penzance       Soloist (Sergeant)     Beth Sholom Players

The Boy Friend            Soloist                Vineland Little Theater

The Wizard of Oz          Soloist (Scarecrow)    Spotlight Players



Guys and Dolls            Duet ("Fugue...")      Water Tower

Hansel and Gretel         Duet (Sandman)         Spotlight Players

Kristallnacht             Bass (Choir)           Lincoln Center

Starbucks                 Christmas Caroler      Busy Bee Promotions

Veggie Cabaret Intro.     Song and Dance         Public Eye



Are You Joshing?          Emcee                  The GiggleMill

Improv Can Be Deadly      Ellery Scream          The GiggleMill

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Arcadia University

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Barbacane Murder

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  DLP Fund Raiser

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Emery School Kids

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Laura rehearsal dinner

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  MCCC Family Night

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Melange Theatre Live!

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Neumann College

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Old Academy

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Philly Improv Festival

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Playcrafters

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Quakertown Alive!

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Rachael's Comedy Club

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Reunions

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  TV Guide

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee / Trainer        Wind Energy Team Build

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Middle School groups

GiggleMill Improv         Emcee                  Many other venues

Murder on New Hope RR     Detective Phil         The GiggleMill / Act 1

Veggie Cabaret            Emcee                  Public Eye



Aruba Kidnapping          Interviewed on TV      CN8 - Comcast Network

DAMH                      Interviewed on TV      CN8 - Comcast Network

Eastern State Pen.        Interviewed on TV      Fox 29 / WTXF

Eastern State Pen.        Interviewed for print  Philadelphia Inquirer

Historic Philadelphia     Interviewed for print  Philadelphia Inquirer

Montgomery Newspapers     Interviewed for print  Once Upon a Nation

MyVote1                   Interviewed on TV      NBC

Once Upon a Nation        Interviewed for radio  WRTI – Public Radio

Phanstormers              Interviewed on TV      CSN

PhanStormers              Interviewed for Web    Major League Baseball

The Daily Item            Interviewed for print  Explore PA – WITF

Williamsport Sun-Gazette  Interviewed for print  Explore PA - WITF




MODELING – PRINT (No conflicts)

Accucard                  Print Model            Lighthouse Media

Cort Furniture            Print Model            Diane Diederich

Desktop Studio            Print Model            Nancy Louie

Ed Hidden Photography     Print Model            Ed Hidden

Geisinger Insurance       Print Model            ITS/Craig Photography

Independence After Hours  Print Model            GPTMC

Nieves Design             Print Model            Marilyn Nieves

PhillyBuster 2007         Print Model            Bonnie J. Schupp

PhillyBuster 2007         Print Model            Jim Pruitt

Philly Fit Magazine       Print Model            Bill Mason

Plavix                    Animation Model        Animated Storyboards

Public Eye                Print Model            American Vegan

Public Eye                Print Model (CD)       Mouth of the River

Reebok Print Ad           Print Model            Mike Lemon Casting

Torn Picture              Print Model            Loretta Hostettler

Terrible Ted the Bear     Print Model (Flyer)    Public Eye



Historic Philadelphia     Promotional Model      River Rink / OUAN     

Male spokesperson         Promotional Model      CMP Models

MyVote1                   Promotional Model      ProModels

Once Upon a Nation        Promotional Model      Historic Philadelphia

Once Upon a Nation - VF   Promotional Model      Macy’s King of Prussia

Political Campaign        Promotional Model      Mike Lemon Casting

Sharkey Hot Sauce         Promotional Model      National Talent Force

Spokesperson              Promotional Model      Variety Club, Phila.


MODELING – TV, RUNWAY (No conflicts)

Fur-Free Fashion Show     Runway Model           Public Eye

Woolridge clothing        Model clothes on TV    WITF / PBS Explore PA


MODELING – WEB (No conflicts)

Always a Bridesmaid       Print Model (Web)      Act 1 Productions

Leaning In                Print Model (Web)      Studio 2 Photography

Portraiture               Print Model (Web)      Studio 2 Photography

The Storytellers          Print Model (Web)      Studio 2 Photography

Willie Sutton             Print Model (Web)      Act 1 Productions





Lady in the Shoe          Assistant Director     Kids Theatre Workshop

Little Miss Muffet        Assistant Director     Kids Theatre Workshop

Little Red Riding Hood    Assistant Director     Kids Theatre Workshop

Mummer's                  Director               Philadelphia Revels

Sketch Comedy             Director               Sir Laffalot

Survivor Mansion Style    Co-Director            Creative Kid Care

The Bachelor video        Director               Semanoff production

The Laugh Clinic          Director               Kids Theatre Workshop

Three Blind Mice          Assistant Director     Kids Theatre Workshop



Boxing, 7 - adult         Trainer and Coach      Abington YMCA

Boxing, 7 - adult         Trainer and Coach      Northeast YMCA

Improv classes            Improv Trainer         The GiggleMill

Improv for monologues     Improv Trainer         The GiggleMill

Improv Workshop           Improv Coach           Philly Improv Festival

Improv & Acting, 7 - 12   Trainer and Coach      Creative Kid Care

Improv & Acting, 8 - 12   Trainer and Coach      Kids Theatre Workshop

Improv & Acting, 13 - 17  Trainer and Coach      Kids Theatre Workshop

Weekday Players           Improv Trainer         The GiggleMill



Acting: Marty Ross 

Acting Seminar: Robert Patterson               

Backstage Theater: Christopher Stephens

Care of Your Voice: Dr. Joel Blumin

Casting & Directing Talent: Kathy Wickline

Choreographers: Faith Sherman, Julie Berger

Cultivating Intuition: Scott Evans (Mike Lemon Casting)

Dance: Karen Getz (Dirty Dancing, Tango, Salsa)

Diction: Cyndy Rose       

Ear Prompter Training: Charlie Roney (Mike Lemon Casting)

Emotional Freedom for Actors: Jennifer Merritt

Film: Gene Terinoni (Mary Anne Claro Talent Agency)

Improv: Bill Brown

Improv Workshop: Bobbi Block

Industrial Film Workshop: Peter Safran (Mike Lemon Casting)

Kelly Monologue Group

Monologue: Gene Terinoni (Mary Anne Claro Talent Agency)

Santa training: Maurice (Macy’s East)

Singing: David Tilman

Teleprompter Training: Charlie Roney (Mike Lemon Casting)

The Actor's Toolbox: Geoffrey Berwind and David Holland

Theatrical Clowning: Charlie DelMarcelle

TV Audition Workshop: Geoffrey Soffer (Mike Lemon Casting)

Vocal Techniques Workshop: Neill Hartley

Vocal Training – Key Wording: Neill Hartley

Vocal Training – The Speech Mechanism: Neill Hartley

Voice-over: Charlie Roney (Mike Lemon Casting)

Voice-over: James Lewis (Talk Time VoiceOver)



Curator’s Tour at Second Bank: Kari Diethorn

Customer Service Training: Center City District

Deborah Franklin's Philadelphia: Susan Klepp

Developing Stories from Primary Sources: Sandy Lloyd

Everyday Life in the Eighteenth Century: Stevie Wolf

George Washington: Dean Malissa

Homeless Sensitivity Training: Project Home

How to Handle the Media: Cari Feiler Bender

Independence Hall in American Memory: Charlene Mires

Independence National Historical Park tour: Renee Albertoli

Interactive Street Theater: David Holland, Jill Lawrence

Interpretation vs. Interpredata: Peter Maugle

National Park Service History and Mission: Mark Brier

National Park Service Protocol and Security: Frances Delmar

Natural Resources Management: Ajena Rogers

Philadelphia’s Quakers: Nancy Gibbs, Carol Spacht

Poor Richard's Tours: Kyle Farley

Press Management: Cari Feiler Bender

Revealing Garments in the 18th Century: Kristina Haugland

Storytelling and Interpretation in Philadelphia: Ralph Archbold

Storytelling in Historic Areas: Rex Ellis

Storytelling Workshop: Charlotte Blake Alston

Storytelling Workshop: Ed Stivender

Street Theatre Workshop: Dave Holland, Jill Lawrence

The Art of Historical Interpretation: Bill Barker

The Kids! (How to deal with children): Marla Shoemaker

The Philadelphia Campaign: Tom McGuire

Thomas Paine: Craig Nelson

Visitors Services Session: Ahmeena Young





Comedy magic

....make a coin disappear

....make a finger jump from one hand to another

Cross train in the gym

Delivery of training programs to large groups of people


Former boxer (quarterfinalist in Philadelphia Golden Gloves)

Former boxing coach

Jump rope

Managed 130-person sales, marketing and administrative bank operation

Marketing consultant to large, sophisticated financial firms

Master's in Business Administration (MBA)

7 1/2 minute miler (7:21 August 5, 2005)


Storytelling for audiences from 4 to adult

Teach Improv to students from 7 to adult



Brooklyn, French, Italian, British/Cockney, hillbilly, Texan, North Carolinian Southern, Romanian, German, Jackie Mason, others