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Philip Jacobson

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Improv for Actors (and others)

Virginia Beach, VA

Improv classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 7:30 to 9:30 PM. Saturdays from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm 

Contact me at 215-206-7462.

First session is free

Cost is $150 for ten sessions.

You can start at any time during the year.



* Do you need to feel more confident in unfamiliar situations?

*Do you need to improve your ability to act and react spontaneously at interviews, meetings, introductions, auditions, on stage or in film?

* Would you like to improve the range of characters that you can portray?

* Do you want to have loads of fun and find an oasis in the middle of all the stress in your life?

 You need Improv for Actors class.

 Class size is kept small. In this small group setting, you play various Improv games and get individualized attention. During the 10 sessions, you will become more comfortable with being spontaneous, and see visible improvement in your ability to react. You will also learn about and improve the four key Improv skills.


"The two-hour sessions are fun, fast-paced, and challenging. Philip is a great teacher who pinpoints what you need to work on and then helps you to improve in that specific area."

---Jeremy Francis Hagan


"The Improv class given by Philip Jacobson is not only a great learning experience; it is also an enormous amount of fun. I always look forward to attending. It is usually the highlight of my week."

---Joan Racik


"Philip has a good eye for seeing what you need to work on and focussing on your weak spots. A class is much better than a coaching session for that. You learn not only from him but from your fellow students, no matter their level of experience. The teacher, of course, always is watching and ready to correct a problem. And improv is best done in a troupe instead of individually, anyway. Underlying all the games is the most important theatrical skill of all: Being able to play well with's fun! Think about it: twenty hours of participative exercises and training for $125. That's $6.25 an hour. What club could you go to where you pay that little and are center stage in a supportive crowd for that long?"

---John Morrison


"Thank you Philip, So much for your acting improv classes! Over the weeks, I've heard you say how this class can be applied to help you on jobs, and in auditions. Still I really always looked at it as this fun thing to do. I mean it is sooo much fun to do. It's a game to me.

Then I go on this audition and it hits me. The fact that so many familiar supportive faces were there was one thing… But it wasn't till talking to you after the audition that I realized how helpful your classes have really been. During the audition I was given a read and I was feeling very energetic which totally shined thru. They wanted to see me in a different light and asked me to improv a commercial about JCPenney. I didn't even blink.

I just went right into about how great the clothes were ... I improv-ed !!!! In an audition!!!! and it was good!

I mean, who knows, maybe that will be JCPenney's next commercial. I would have never been able to do that without your classes. I am sooo very grateful. And another cool part is I realize It’s not just a fun class of games. Without even realizing it, I applied what I was learning. It’s a fun class of games for professionals

Thank you always, Philip!"

----Jennifer Merritt


Here is what Philly Faces said about me and Improv for Actors class:


Philip Jacobson glows with quiet intensity. The immense range of his talent and experience is not even imaginable at first encounter. However, if you take the time to go to his website you will begin to understand the scope and depth of what he has to offer. Philip has been teaching Improv since 2004, and performing professionally since 2003. 



Class Philosophy

I believe that people learn best by doing. So my two hour class is full of games and play. I teach how to play the games, and then customize the training to what will help each student to get the most out of the class. No boring lectures, just straight talk about what will help you the most, and plenty of time playing games to make lasting improvements.

Class size is limited.



 To get more comfortable speaking in front of others

To learn how to think faster

To overcome shyness

To perform better at auditions

To have fun

To work better with others

To keep your mind sharp

To build characters and characterizations quickly

To improve your imagination

To get in touch with your inner child

To communicate more precisely

To improve your listening skills

To increase your intuition



 • Methods – The class is a safe environment to explore, experiment and learn. Class time is mainly taken up with playing games. You can learn a lot just by having fun, when it is guided by a professional trainer.

• Improvement - All past students have shown improvement in their ability to perform Improv, and to improve in whatever specific area needed improvement.

• Individualized attention - Class size is kept low enough so each student gets lots of play time. I can concentrate on what each student needs most to get the longest lasting improvement from the class.

• Good things happen - One of my former Improv students subsequently became a very successful film actress. Another former student created a successful sketch comedy group. A third former student has done great work in commercials. My Improv training preceded each person's break.

• Location – Tuesday and Thursday classes held in Virginia Beach where there is plenty of free parking.

• Cost – For ten sessions, the cost is $150.


Philip Jacobson’s Background in Improv and Training

* Performed Improv professionally since 2003

* Performed with extremely talented professional Improv comedians

* Managing Director of (and a performer with) a successful Improv Troupe. This Troupe has performed professionally since 2003 for audiences of all ages, in venues such as comedy clubs, colleges and theaters.

* Extensively trained by one of the best Improv trainers on the east coast.

* Taught Improv to actors and ordinary folk of all ages for several years...Improv and acting instructor at the Kids Theater Workshop...Also taught Improv and Acting, and directed 7 - 12 year olds for Creative Day Care...Taught Improv techniques to adults at the F Harold Philly Improv Workshop at the Philly Improv Festival.

* Extensive training experience outside of Improv...created and managed a corporate training department for professionals and managers at a medium-size company...delivered training programs such as "Giving Effective Feedback", "Managing Conflict" and "Situational Leadership" to years of experience teaching soft contact boxing to students from 7 years old to adult.



Call: 215-206-7462







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