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Philip Jacobson...... Actor, Acting coach, Acting instructor, Director, Emcee, Film Actor, Philadelphia Improv Comedy, Improv instructor, Model, Print Model, Promotional Model, Singer (Bass-Baritone), Sketch Comedy , Stage Actor, Storyteller, Voice-Over ....... (215) 206-7462,,

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The Improv Comedy Troupe


Affordable...Family-oriented...Corporate-friendly...Loads of Fun

For your next party, fundraiser or corporate team building event!!

***Three Types of shows***

1. Improv comedy performed by three professional Improv comedians, customized to your event

2. An Improv Murder Mystery - Could your loved one have committed murder? You and your guests will help decide

3. Improv training for your party or company, with fun-filled games! The least expensive, but still amazingly fun alternative

Virginia Beach Improv Comedy

Comedy entertainment for your party or reunion


The Improv Comedy Troupe is an experienced, professional improv comedy troupe specializing in high-energy, interactive, improvisational comedy that is fun for all ages. 

The Improv Comedy Troupe is spontaneous, original, unique family-oriented fun that is perfect entertainment for your:

Anniversary celebration
Bachelorette party
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Birthday party
Children's party
Comedy Club
Corporate Meeting
Elementary or Middle School assembly
Life care facility
School Reunion
Theater party

Since every show is improvised and The Improv Comedy Troupe takes suggestions from the audience, each performance is different and can be customized to fit any theme, any space and any schedule. 

Contact Philip Jacobson at 215-206-7462 or at

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The Improv Comedy troupe has developed a new Improv comedy show called "Improv Can Be Deadly".

This hour-long interactive comedy show is a new concept in murder mysteries. The audience is involved in questioning suspects, uncovering clues and developing the plot. Some audience members become suspects themselves. The performers use interactive Improv techniques to re-enact the crime, and deflect guilt from themselves onto others. Even the performers don't know who the murderer is until the audience helps to determine the killer's identity. Loads of fun!

Contact Philip Jacobson at 215-206-7462 or for details


What is Improv?

Improv is acting without a script. Each game contains obstacles that performers must overcome. For example, in some games, the performers cannot use understandable words (gibberish), or they must communicate only with body language (mime), or they are limited in what words they can use in portraying a scene. Audience members provide suggestions for plots and characters for each game as requested by the emcee, so that each game is spontaneous and absolutely original. The fun is in seeing how the performers overcome and use the obstacles placed in front of them.

Where has The Improv Comedy Troupe performed before?

The Improv Comedy Troupe has performed at a number of settings, be it theater, comedy club, reunion, women’s club, recreation center, 4H fair or other venue. Improv is suitable for almost any type of situation.

How long do performances run?

Performances have been scheduled to be as brief as 15 minutes and as long as two hours. We have also performed at all day fairs.

Is Improv suitable for my family?

The Improv Comedy Troupe tailors its performance to the audience. We provide family entertainment that is fun for people of all ages. We can furnish excellent references.

How can you help us as a fundraiser?

The Improv Comedy Troupe can be the entertainment that helps to draw and entertain your audience. We can make your fundraiser a unique experience. We can tailor its performance to your theme. If needed, we can find theaters or other locations that can hold your fundraiser for a reasonable fee.

What does The Improv Comedy Troupe need in order to perform?

The Improv Comedy Troupe does not carry equipment. All we need is space to perform and a place for the audience members to sit and enjoy themselves.


Donna Cockenberg on top
Philip Jacobson on the left
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photo by Roie Gat